The Problem GreenLight Solved for Physicians

Physicians are intrigued by the high reimbursement until they realize they are required to collect and analyze over 50 data points to perform all of the elements of the Cognitive Assessment and Care Plan. GreenLight has automated the process for physicians, allowing them to save up to 1 hour per patient!

Step 1. Identify

Use GreenLight’s brief cognitive assessment to identify eligible patients for the Cognitive Assessment and Care Plan during a routine office visit or Annual Wellness Visit.

Step 2. Assess

GreenLight’s proprietary software solution allows your patients and their caregivers to self-administer detailed assessments at home to further evaluate cognitive, behavioral, and functional status, as well as safety in the home.

Step 3. Review

GreenLight’s software generates one-page intuitive summaries containing actionable data to drive your care plan and discuss your findings with the patient and his/her caregiver in a brief 10-15 minute visit via telemedicine or in person.

Step 4. Order

Diagnostic tests can help rule in or rule out treatable factors contributing towards the patient’s cognitive impairment. Additional referrals to medical specialists or social services may be appropriate based upon the patient and caregiver’s needs uncovered by GreenLight’s comprehensive battery of assessments.

Step 5. Earn

Generate an additional $283.08 every 180 days for every Cognitive Assessment and Care Plan

Step 6. Save

Save up to 1 hour of time on each Cognitive Assessment and Care Plan performed.

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