Providing Clinical and Financial Value to Providers by

Simplifying the Process of Identifying & Monitoring Cognitive Impairment and Behavioral Health Conditions

Identify cognitive impairment and early stages of dementia with minimal staff involvement while adding a new revenue stream.

GreenLight is excited to introduce a software solution that allows physicians to automate elements of CPT 99483, Cognitive Assessment and Care Plan, and reimburses physicians $283.08 every 180 days (Based upon Medicare 2022 National Payment Amount). GreenLights’s customers save up to 1 hour per patient by automating the process!

GreenLight is providing you the tools you need to efficiently perform the Cognitive Assessment and Care Plan that is convenient for your patients and generates significant additional revenue for your practice.

The Alzheimer’s Association has documented that 1 in 9 Americans over the age of 65 have Alzheimer’s dementia, which is about 70% of all dementia patients. Until 2030, 10,000 Americans per day will turn 65, further increasing the burden on Medicare if physicians do not adopt the Cognitive Assessment and Care Plan.

Please join GreenLight in our mission to help physicians identify cognitive impairment earlier and treat it more aggressively using GreenLight’s automated Cognitive Assessment and Care Plan software solution.

Simplifying the Process of Identifying & Monitoring Behavioral Health Conditions

The Greenlight behavioral health assessments:

  • Based on evidence-based industry-standards.
  • Easy to administer with immediate results.
  • Immediate, actionable reports easily imported to your EHR.
  • Little to no disruption to workflow.
  • Reimbursable by Medicaid (varies by state), Medicare and most private insurers, adding new revenue to the practice.

30+ evidence-based assessments to help you diagnose and monitor a variety of behavioral health issues, including:

  • Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale
  • Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
  • Bipolar Disorder Screening Scale
  • Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Revised
  • Opiate Risk Tool
  • Patient Health Questionnaire
  • Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire
  • CRAFFT – Behavioral Health Screening
  • Medicare Wellness Checkup
  • PHQ-9 modified for Adolescents
  • Functional Ability Safety Questionnaire

How It Works

By implementing behavioral health assessments at the “frontline” of the healthcare system, both providers and patients are empowered with the knowledge and resources to set a path towards wellness.

Why Assess?

Improves Patient Care

Physicians can now test patients as part of a standard office visit to establish a baseline for each patient.

Mitigates Risk

Accurate and complete documentation inside GreenLight protects your practice in case you face an audit or litigation.

Improves Patient Care

Tests are covered by most insurance, bringing the potential for new revenue from both testing and treating in your practice.

EHR Workflow

GreenLight flows seamlessly with your practice workflow, offering a solution for any practice. We make it easy on the practice by transferring the work of administering the test from the office staff to the patient.

Standard Implementation

Many clients choose to use the GreenLight Behavioral Health Assessment tool as part of their existing practice workflow. With a standard implementation, results of the assessments are easily imported to your EHR.

Integrated Solution with athenahealth

GreenLight can be integrated with your athenahealth EHR. As an athena technology partner, GreenLight brings key benefits of integration, including:

  • Automatic download of your athenahealth schedule into GreenLight.
  • Discrete score results from
  • GreenLight to the patient’s chart.
    Results are automatically available within the encounter.